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Waterfront Air will reintroduce a daytime only scheduled seaplane service between the new Shenzhen International Airport Ferry Pier, Hong Kong Victoria Harbour, Macau's Cotai Strip, and Guangzhou's Pearl River using DHC-6 (the Twin Otter) seaplanes from de Havilland Canada.
Waterfront Air will transport over 300 000 visitors within the greater Pearl River Delta annually. The flights to destinations from Shenzhen will take just 20 minutes, and the view is amazing!
The seaplanes will utilize a new water aerodrome in Kowloon Bay in Hong Kong, and the new Shenzhen International Airport Ferry pier. The service will use the existing infrastructure; no new land, harbour development, or reclamation is required. The Cotai terminal in Macau is just minutes away from the exciting new developments on the Cotai Strip, including the City of Dreams, the Venetian Macau, and the Galaxy Mega Resort. This service will provide the Pearl River Delta with the same seaplane services as available in New York, London, Vancouver, Seattle, Glasgow, Sydney, and many other world cities.

Seaplanes are considered a romantic attraction to locals and tourists alike, encouraging many couples to visit the waterfront to watch the unique and elegant seaplanes take off and land, a direct benefit for the Hong Kong, Macau, and Guangzhou waterfront revitalization efforts. Seaplanes in Hong Kong and Macau are part of the collective cultural memory and have a long and dynamic history.

Scheduled seaplane services were a vital fixture in Hong Kong's Victoria Harbour starting from the 1920s to the mid 1960s. For over 40 years there were safe, regular scheduled services from Hong Kong to many destinations including Macau.

The DHC-6 aircraft is much quieter than a helicopter, and this service will run in the daytime only. The seaplanes will not fly over land, and keep to a Civil Aviation Department approved flight paths over the water. Sound generated by seaplanes is similar in level to that generated by large speedboats, but unlike motorboats, sound from a seaplane is brief and transitory. There would be only ten minutes of operational sound a day. Furthermore, this service will fully comply with Hong Kong's very strict sound restrictions regulating air operations, and also undergo a rigorous Environmental Impact Assessment.

The reintroduction of this exciting service will further enhance the historic and iconic profile of the Greater Pearl River Delta, drive tourism to the waterfront, benefit the economy, and give citizens another transportation choice.